Having fun with PE files and GoLang

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Opening PE files with GoLang
New blog design, new post. Today I will show how GoLang interacts with PE files in a generic example. You could look further into the native module here or even check its source code here. I do recommend reading it, I am using some bits of code extracted directly from the module source. Here you go. package main import ( "fmt" "debug/pe" "os" "io" "encoding/binary" ) func check(e error) { if e !


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Windows version of Linux.Liora
So I decided to port my Linux.Liora ( Go infector to Win32 and it worked great. Minor tweaks were needed in the code, you can run a diff between both and check it out. EDIT: Fixed the PE verification routine, it checks for a proper PE file now. Thanks hh86! Virus source: /* * Win32.Liora.B - This is a POC PE prepender written in Go by TMZ (2015). * * Win32.